Sinds gisteren ben ik overgestapt van Windows naar Ubuntu. Dit heb ik gedaan om te kunnen testen met Workstation 6.5 beta 1 en dan met name de Unity feature.

Zoals je in de onderstaande printscreen ziet werkt het aardig. Ik heb de VI client via Unity op mijn Ubuntu desktop. Het reageert allemaal nog wat traag mar het is werkbaar.



4 thoughts on “VMware: VI Client in Ubuntu? Yes, thanks to Unity

  1. feh… running virtualbox to run xp to run vmware vi client. comeone on vmware… get your bit sorted so client can run just linux. sooo stupid to have windowz only management software.

  2. As long as customers keep buying VMware they will not change their policy of “NO linux client” and “NO VirtualCenter for linux”.
    VSphere has just been released and the client is a Windows only application, that used Visual J#!!!
    It is clear now that VMware is not hearing to their customer needs, and are moving their development towards a Windows only solution.

    I am moving my installation to Citrix XenServer and telling my customers to do the same.

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