Tim Jacobs heeft op zijn blog een super artikel geschreven over Full backups of virtual machines and Windows VSS.

One of the new features that is appearing in backup products that take backups of an entire virtual machine, as opposed to using an agent inside the guest operating system, is the ability to cooperate with Windows VSS (Volume Snapshot Service) inside the guest. For example, the recently released version of VMWare’s Consolidated Backup 1.5, now supports VSS quiescing for Windows 2003, Windows Vista, Windows 2008; vizioncore’s vRanger Pro backup utility has been supporting VSS for Windows 2003 for some versions already.
Several opinions exist on whether this is in fact a useful feature or not; for example, not so long ago the developers of esXpress talked about not including VSS quiescing into their product at that time because it adds additional complexity and does not offer any significant benefits in their opinion (see here). This discussion is still alive as you can see for example here, and the big question is indeed: can you rely on live backups of database virtual machines?

Lees de rest van het artikel hier: http://timjacobs.blogspot.com/2008/07/full-backups-of-virtual-machines-and.html


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