Ctrl-Alt-Del IT Consultancy zijn bekent van de volgende gratis tools: TSLogoff – TSPasschg – TSReboot – TSWhereis – TSMsg – TSLogins – TSBackdrop en vele andere tools.

Sinds kort is de tool TSTaskman uit. Deze tool maakt het voor gebruikers mogelijk om processen af te sluiten.

Hieronder tref je een screenshot van de tool.


TSTaskman is a standalone Windows GUI tool designed to show a user the list of processes running in their Terminal Server session only. Processes can then be terminated by the user by selecting the process and pressing the terminate button.

This utility was written for the purpose of allowing users to terminate frozen programs or processes that exist only in the Terminal Server Session of the currently logged in user. The GUI lists all the running processes in the Terminal Session of the logged on user, and does not display any other user or system processes. This allows TSTaskman to be presented as an application on the user desktop or as a published application, giving the user the ability to manage frozen applications within a Terminal Server session, should they occur. After correct user training of TSTaskman, help desk calls can be significantly reduced by allowing users to terminate unresponsive applications, without the concerns that the user can terminate other processes not running in their session.

Although written for Terminal Server and Citrix environments, this application will function on non-TS/Citrix workstations and servers. This application has been tested on the following platforms:

Windows 2003 Server SP1
Windows 2003 Server SP1 w/ Citrix PS 4.0
Windows 2003  Server SP1 (Terminal Server Application Mode)
Windows 2000  Server SP4
Windows 2000  Server SP4 w/ Citrix MF XP
Windows 2000  Server SP4 (Terminal Server Application Mode)
Windows 2000  Server SP4 w/ Citrix MF 1.8
Windows XP Professional (domain member)

This utility is FREEWARE and was written by Warren Simondson of
Ctrl-Alt-Del IT Consultancy, Australia.

The freeware version is offered AS IS. Ctrl-Alt-Del IT Consultancy has made every effort possible to ensure that TSTaskman is free of any bugs or errors, however in no way is TSTaskman to be considered error or bug free. You assume all responsibility for any damages or lost data that may result from any errors or bugs in TSTaskman.


Je kunt TSTaskman en de andere tools hier downloaden:

One thought on “Tool: TSTaskman

  1. Because my comment went gone when i forget to fill in my e-mail adress, you have to it with my short version.

    Better is to script this yourself, so you can add your company logo etc.

    These options where already available in Windows and the commandline options you can find here:

    As what i did was creating an identical taskmanager of windows so the user didn’t experienced any difference, but on the background the user could only close there own programs etc.

    Good luck….

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