Alan Renouf created a new powershell / vi toolkit script which draws a nice diagram of your VI environment.


You will need:

  • Powershell V1 (I haven’t tried it on V2 yet)
  • The VI Toolkit
  • Microsoft Visio (I have only tried 2003 +)

How to use:

  1. Download the zip file from the bottom of this page
  2. Once extracted copy the  ‘My-VI-Shapes.vss’ file to your ‘My Documents\My Shapes’ folder.  If the folder does not exist create it and copy the file in.
  3. Run the powershell script with the following options:

To diagram the entire Infrastructure:

vDiagram.ps1 -VIServer MYVISERVER

To diagram a specific cluster use the following:

vDiagram.ps1 -VIServer MYVISERVER -Cluster "Production Cluster’


More info and the script can be found over here:

Alan keep up the good work!




3 thoughts on “VMware: vDiagram script by Alan Renouf

  1. Any idea how to set the maximum depth for the objects? I’ve got Hosts with 15+ VM on them but I’d like to keep the diagram readable by limiting the length of diagram.

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