Herco van Brug heeft een nieuwe versie van EDA uitgebracht. In versie 0.87 zijn de volgende punten gefixed / toegevoegd:

New in 0.87:
– editing the order of the scriptparts
– bulk creation and deletion of ESX hostnames/ip
– an fs.php page that allows for small remote updates
– ESXi support fixed again

Voor de mensen die niet weten wat EDA is, hier een quote:

ESX Deployment Appliance (EDA) is a small and easy to use appliance that makes deploying ESX servers a breeze. It has a very intuitive web-interface that can configure and deploy dozens of ESX servers in minutes. It has a script-builder that will allow any admin to create %post-scripts that will do most anything one needs to get the ESX hosts up and running! Even if deploying with RDP/Altiris or the UDA, this script-builder can help setting those up very quickly.

To set it up, just attach a ESX3 iso to it. It will automatically mount it and with one click, import the PXE bootfiles and strip the HBA drivers to do a save install while SAN LUNs are attached!

It also shares files with samba which makes getting files to the ESX host during installation very easy. the scriptbuilder will insert the correct scriptpieces to read files from the DL share (this is a readonly share). to put files on the EDA, go to the DL$ share (with the dollarsign) as root user.

This appliance is still in beta stage because there’s a todo list. But it’s fully functional and has been tested to work at least on HP DL380’s, BL460, BL480 and Dell 2950 servers.

Ik gebruik EDA sinds 0.71 en het werkt echt super. Het kost je misschien wat tijd om de %post scripts aan te maken en te testen maar als dat eenmaal op orde is, installeer je de ESX servers wel op een consistente manier. Herco keep up to good work!

Meer info en de download vind je hier:


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