Via a post of @maishsk (Twitter) on I read about the ToolsCenter Bootable Media Creator. So I downloaded the software from: and gave it a test drive.

When you start the software it will ask what type of server / blade you have and will download the updates and create the bootcd for you. More info can be found in this pdf: ibm_utl_bomc_1.00_anyos_anycpu.pdf


Power on  the server / blade and start from CD. The following screen will show up:



3 thoughts on “IBM ToolsCenter Bootable Media Creator

  1. I did the whole thing and I created the PXE environment but I get “Could not find kernel image”. Any one else see this? Oh, and I was going to use a DVD instead but I burned the DVD to a DVD-R last night from home, it booted just fine to a VM i creatd to test but the DVD inside a 3950M2 7141 doesnt want to read the DVD-R. Anyone got any suggestions?

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