With the release of vSphere VMware introduced a new hardware level for VM’s. De upgrade process to the new hardware level is already described on Scott Lowe’s blog:

I wanted to see if I could script this process with PowerCLI. My first goal was to upgrade al my templates. So I created the following script:


The script does the following:

  • Export template names to CSV
  • Convert templates back to VM’s
  • Check the vHardware version of the VM. If the hardware version is version 4 start the VM
  • When the VM is ready check the VMware Tools version. If the VMware Tools are old, the script will install the new version.
  • When the VMware Tools are Ok the VM gets a shutdown.
  • When the VM is down, the vHardware will be upgraded
  • The final step is converting the VM back to a template.

The following output will be shown at the PowerCLI console:


The next step will be the upgrade process of a regular VM. But for this process a need to capture the ip-address upgrade the vHardware and restore the ip-address into the VM. When I am finished with that part I am going to post Part 2.


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