PowerCLI: Set Custom Fields


Last week I posted a script to add Notes to a VM. After posting this script there was a little discussion on Twitter with @vmdoug, @gabvirtualworld if the Notes field is the right field to add this kind of information. So @vmdoug introduced me to the world of Custom Fields.

So I changed my CSV file and added the Field entry. This Field entry will be de name of your custom field. In my case I called it Description.

DC01,Description,Domain Controller
VC01,Description,vCenter Server

The following one-liner will fix this for you:

"D:\*.csv" | % { Get-VM $_.VMName |
Set-CustomField -Name $_.Field -Value $_.Note -Confirm:$false }

After running the script you will see the Description field with a new entry:


This one-liner will run very slow on a Large environment. So if you have large environment you should definitely check out LucD post on Alan Renouf’s Blog:  http://www.virtu-al.net


One thought on “PowerCLI: Set Custom Fields

  1. Arshad


    I am trying to write a vmotion script to test the cluster configuration.. so here is what I want and I am having hard luck writting the script in Power Cli

    I want to use import-csv to do this.. I want all of my ESX host name in the CSV and then i should be able to move one of the VM to all host in the cluster for e.g.

    is this some thing you can help me with this



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