vEcoShell 1.2.6 is GA!!

Quote from vEcoShell blog:

The major difference in 1.2.6 is in how connections to multiple vCenter or ESX Servers are managed.  In previous versions, vEcoShell maintained all session management and required custom code in nearly all of it’s scripts to function properly.  These scripts could not run externally to vEcoShell, so the PowerShell Code tab provided limited value.  With the 1.2.6 release, vEcoShell now lets PowerCLI manage all connections.  This means we were able to remove all custom code from our script library.  Nearly every script that is in vEcoShell today can be run externally.  Simply copy a code block from the "PowerShell Code" tab after a script has completed and paste it into the script editor.  After running the Connect-VIServer command in the console window, the copied funciton will run just as it does in the admin console.

What’s new:

  • it’s the first stable release
  • compatible with PowerCLI 4.0 U1
  • easy Copy and Paste PowerCLI code
  • It will remain Freeware 🙂

You can download the vEcoShell 1.2.6 and language packs here: 

If you’re new to the vEcoShell, checkout the QuickTip videos from Scott Herold here:


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