Today I was investigating an issue with Veeam Backup & Replication Instant Recovery. One of the sessions stopped with the status Dismounting…


in the log of this sessions it stops on Removing VM from inventory.


The VM was removed from vCenter so why the jobs hangs, I don’t know. So the next thing was to stop and start the Veeam Backup Service. This didn’t help either. So I tried the a System reboot but unfortunately this didn’t work either. So I started to search the Veeam Forums and found a post of someone with the same error. After reading his post I contacted Veeam support and waited for a fix?

First off all before you continue, always contact Veeam support before trying the following solution.

Clean up the Veeam database

  1. Stop the Veeam Backup Service
  2. Open the table VmssVms and note the id like “11e751d1-77e4-4dc0-8e5d-2d658a5f6dd9”  of the session corresponding to the one that failed.
  3. Delete the rows matching the id like “11e751d1-77e4-4dc0-8e5d-2d658a5f6dd9” in the following tables:
    – VmssVms
    – Backup.TrackedActions.VmRegistration
    – Backup.TrackedActions.VmMount
    – Backup.TrackedActions.Locks
    – Backup.TrackedActions.LockItems
    – Backup.TrackedActions.Leases
  4. Start theVeeam Backup Service

Clean up the Windows Registry and NFS folder

  1. Please stop Veeam NFS service
  2. Unmount this share manually:
    nfs_share_name: /VeeamBackup_<VeeamServer>
    nfs_relative_path: <vmName>_11e751d1-77e4-4dc0-8e5d-2d658a5f6dd9
  3. Delete folder D:\Veeam\NFS\<vmName>_11e751d1-77e4-4dc0-8e5d-2d658a5f6dd9
  4. Delete related records with <vmName> in regestry:
    path – HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Veeam\Veeam NFS\Dynamic mounts
  5. Start NFS service again

After cleaning up the database, the registry, and the NFS folders the damaged session was removed from the Veeam Backup console.  I want to thank Veeam Support for the help and the solution for this problem. Keep up the good work.


2 thoughts on “Veeam: Instant Recovery stops with status Dismounting…

  1. I’m having this same issue…how are you doing this step?

    Unmount this share manually

    On the Veeam Server or ???

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