Download the VMware Open Virtualization Format Tool, formally known as OVF tool here. The documentation can be found here. More info can be fount on the Open Virtualization Format Tool Community.

The OVFTool works quite easy. Just open the VMware OVF Tool directory in a command prompt and run the following command:

ovftool.exe <path to vmx> <path to ovf>

The VM will be converted to OVF:


source folder (7.51 GB):


destination folder (2.74GB):


But the best part is yet to come. You can also convert/import a VM directly to a vSphere host via:

ofvtool.exe <path to vmx> vi://<vSphere host>

Provide a username and password and the VM will be imported directly to your vSphere environment:


You can follow the deployment from your vSphere client:


To rename an existing OVF package you can use the following command:

ovftool.exe <ovf name old> <ovf name new>

It’s that simple.

You can add the path to the OVF Tool in your PATH variables to start the OVF Tool from anywhere and use the OVF Tool in your scripts etc.


I think this tool is a hidden gem so be sure to add it to your vToolbox.


3 thoughts on “VMware Open Virtualization Format Tool

  1. Run sdelete.exe from sysinternals in front of the conversion and your OVF wil even be smaller after converting it.

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