In this post I will show you how to move a Veeam Backup job to a new Veeam Backup server. You can also use this procedure to move the Backup files to a new drive and map the backup files to an existing backup job.

The short version of this procedure is:

  1. Move the backup files to the new Veeam Backup server.
  2. Create a new Backup repository and Import the existing Backup jobs.
  3. Create a new Backup job with exact the same the Virtual Machines. Select the new Backup Repository and map the backup files.
  4. Schedule or Start the backup job from the new Veeam Backup server.
  5. You’ll find the steps to take in detail for step 2 and step 3 below.

Step 2: Create a new Backup Repository

Copy the Veeam Backup files to the new location.


Go to ‘Infrastructure – Backup Repositories’ and click on ‘Add Repository’:


Give the Backup Repository a Name, Select the correct type in my case I use the Microsoft Windows server.

If you are using a local attached disk to the Veeam Backup server. Select ‘This server’ and click on ‘Populate’ to see the available drives. Select the drive you want to use and press Next:


Press ‘Browse…’ to search for the correct location of the Veeam Backup files from the job you want to migrate to a new Backup server. After you selected the correct path, press Populate to fill the Capacity and Free space. Change the load control variables if you want to or continue with the defaults:


Review the vPower NFS settings. Make changes to the vPowerNFS configuration if necessary to match the new Backup server. One of the most important steps in this process is placed on the review screen:


Don’t forget to the check the “Import existing backups automatically” and “Import guest file system index”. The backup jobs will be imported to the new Veeam server. This is an essential step if you want to map the backup files from the repository to the backup job.



Step 3: Create a new Backup job

Create a new backup job. Use the old name of the backup job and add the virtual machines. In the Storage windows, select the new Backup Repository and click on ‘Map backup’:


Select the Backup job:


And press OK to map the Backup file to the new created Backup Job. If you don’t map the existing Backup job, Veeam will perform a full backup instead of an incremental. If an incremental backup was scheduled for today.


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