List of VMware FT compatible CPUs


Gabrie  has created a nice post about CPU compatibility with the new feature FT in vSphere.

With VMware vSphere there is a new exiting function called VMware Fault Tolerant or VMware FT. With VMware FT you can protect a VM against failure by running this VM in lockstep with an exact copy on a different host. Every interrupt in the source VM is immediately replicated to the destination VM, which is “invisble” on the network. Should the host with the source VM fail, then the destination VM will become visible on the network and the users will not experience any downtime. Also a new destination VM is created on a different (third) host and will be kept “in lockstep”.

Now when selecting new servers or in my case a whitebox for my own testlab at home, one should pay attention to the CPU that is in the system, because not all new CPUs have this feature….

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