Quote van de Vizioncore website:


vOptimizer is an advanced optimization solution that quickly and easily reduces a virtual machine’s virtual hard drive to the smallest size possible while optimizing Windows guest operating systems for speed and performance. vOptimizer 4.0 offers many new functions for enterprise level customers while improving the interface and ease of operation for smaller, desktop oriented users. vOptimizer – Desktop Edition enables unlimited optimizations of local VMs  while Network Edition enables unlimited optimizations of VMs located anywhere across the network. vOptimizer –Network Edition also enables the optimization of offline VMs as well as scheduled optimizations.


Virtual machine platform technologies have the ability to transform the way people derive value from computing, especially in scenarios such as demonstrations or rapid solution prototyping. One of the limitations in this paradigm, however, can be the size of a virtual machine virtual hard drive. Specifically, large virtual hard drives are difficult to share and move around. Reducing the size of a virtual hard disk (VMDK with VMware / VHD with Microsoft) by as much as possible can deliver a big pay-off if virtual machine usage is a key component of an organization’s computing strategy. Optimizing a guest operating system for speed can have similar dividends, especially if virtual machines are used in selling or demo scenarios. Virtual machines can be reduced by up to 80% with vOptimizer, which are then easily utilized via CD or DVD or shared with colleagues over the network or Internet.

De User manual vind je hier: vOptimizerUserManual.pdf

Een introductie video vind je hier: voptimizer_video.html

De Freeware versie kun je hier downloaden:

Quote van Eric Sloof ( over de freeware versie en de licentie structuur.

Vizioncore vOptimizer Freeware may be used for a maximum of two (2) users within Licensee’s organization. For more than two (2) users within an organization licenses must be obtained. This license does not entitle Licensee to receive hard-copy documentation, technical support, telephone assistance, or enhancements or updates to the Product from Vizioncore




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