Citrix XenApp 5 – the new name for Citrix Presentation Server – is the most complete application virtualization system that offers both client-side and server-side application virtualization for optimal application performance and flexible delivery options. XenApp brings world-class application delivery to the Microsoft Windows Server and Terminal Services platform with added flexibility, manageability, security and performance, making application delivery the premier choice in providing Windows applications to users.

Key benefits of adopting XenApp 5

  1. Reduce cost
    1. Reduce the cost of patching/updating applications with the new Inter-isolation communication feature of Application Virtualization
    2. Use the new Active Application Monitoring feature of EdgeSight to cut support costs by making it easy for IT to proactively detect and prevent potential performance issues even before they occur
    3. Be IPv6 compliant without rewriting applications
    4. Use the new Installation Manager for Windows Server 2008 to quickly distribute applications, service packs, software patches, and simple command-line script tasks to servers
  2. Improve Performance
    1. Dramatically improve application startup time for streamed applications
    2. Ensure fast and secure delivery of applications with HTTP(S) support for application streaming
    3. Improve Performance for Users and Apps with Preferential Load Balancing (PLB)
    4. Enhance XenApp resource monitoring with updated Resource Manager (based on EdgeSight technology)
  3. Enhance User Experience
    1. Use the completely redesigned Web Interface to enhance user productivity via the intuitive and compelling interface
    2. Streamline End User Experience with new icons
  4. Transition to Windows Server 2008
    1. Leverage the security and stability of Windows Server 2008 platform
    2. Enhance usability with Special Folder Redirection and ClearType font smoothing
    3. Enhance printing with XPS Universal Print Driver
    4. Enable smooth transition to Windows Server 2008 with mixed farm support


Download XenApp 5 vanaf hier: je hebt wel een account nodig!


Documents to download

  1. Installation Checklist for XenApp 5 for Windows Server® 2008
  2. Readme for XenApp 5 for Windows Server 2008
  3. Citrix XenApp Installation Guide
  4. Getting Started with XenApp
  5. Technical Guide for Upgrading or Migrating to Citrix XenApp 5
  6. Product Documentation link

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