Vmware heeft gisteren het vExpert programma online gezet. Hieronder een kleine quote van de blog post:

VMware is very proud to introduce the VMware vExpert Awards. The VMware vExpert Awards will be given to individuals who have significantly contributed to the overall community of VMware users over the past year, either online or offline. You might be contributing online to blogs, forums, wikis, or other online sites. You might be organizing VMUG meetings or otherwise getting the word out to local IT professionals. You’re helping spread the word about virtualization and making people successful in deploying this game-changing technology. We want to thank you.

Here is the nomination form. You can nominate yourself or someone else. We’re also taking nominations from people and programs within VMware, so you actually don’t even have to nominate yourself and you still could wake up one day with an award. You might want to fill out the form anyway, because we may not be aware of everything you’re doing.

Als je iemand wil nomineren, kun je dat doen door het bovengenoemde nomination form in te vullen.

Mocht je mijn persoontje willen nomineren, dan heb je de volgende gegevens nodig:

  • VMware Communities UserID: ICT-Freak
  • E-mail adres: afokkema at gmail dot com

Alvast bedankt 😉


Bron: http://blogs.vmware.com/vmtn/2009/01/are-you-a-vexpert-announcing-a-new-community-award.html


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