I wanted to deploy a template via the vSphere client but I was unable to achieve this task because the option was grayed out.  After restarting the vCenter services and the vCenter server I was still unable to deploy a template.


Non of the options where available. So PowerCLI to the rescue:

$templates = Get-Template *
    foreach($item in $templates){
        $template = $item.Name
            #Convert Template back to VM
            Set-Template $template -ToVM -RunAsync
            #Convert Template back to template :S
            $vmview = Get-VM $template | Get-View


After running the script above. I was able to deploy my templates again 🙂



5 thoughts on “vSphere: Deploy Template grayed out

  1. Why would you ever want to do this?
    $templates = Get-Template -Name* |Export-Csv -NoTypeInformation $tmpfile
    $csv = Import-CSV $tmpfile

    And not this?
    $csv = Get-Template -Name *

  2. The easiest way to do this is to scan the template with Update Manager. (It will automatically convert it to a VM, scan for VMware tools updates, and then convert it back to a template). It fixed this issue for me when the “convert to VM” was greyed out.

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