Het kan voorkomen dat je de onderstaande tsprofiles tegen komt op je TSProfile share. Meer informatie over hoe dit komt lees je in KB821929


Ik vond een post van Robert Illing op het Citrix forum met de oplossing:

Apparently in SP1 they incorporated this hotfix – http://support.microsoft.com/?id=821929. If you look at the bottom if the hotfix it shows how windows looks at the terminal server roaming profiles.

We use \\server\username for our home drives and the \\server\username.domain caused us problems. The thing is windows will actually attempt \\server\username, but the user has to have full control on their profile. They also need to be the owner of the folder. If they are not the owner, windows will create a NEW profile for them using username.domain which created tons of profiles on our san.

There is a work around on the ownership problem. As we scripted our whole solution, and went about to go in and change ownership on thousands of profiles. If you create a GPO and go to Computer Configuration, Administrative Templates, System, User Profiles, then select “Do not check for user ownership of roaming profiles folder”. This will ignore the ownership of the profile.

So to clarify once you apply that GPO. You should be able to use \\server\username as long as the user has full control on their profile.

Op de policy met GPMC.msc en ga naar Computer Configuration – Administrative Templates – System –  User Profiles daarna enabale je de volgende optie Do not check for user ownership of roaming profiles folder



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