Helaas werkt de Guest Customization van een Windows 2008 VM / Template nog steeds niet out of the box in VirtualCenter 2.5.u2.


Gelukkig heeft Jasemccarty de oplossing in de VMware Communities geplaatst:

If you have a Windows 2008 guest that you wish to customize, it is fairly easy to do in VirtualCenter.

The sysprep.xml file is automatically generated by VirtualCenter, and does not require any additional tools from Microsoft, as they got smart, and included it in the base build of Windows Vista/2008.

Unfortunately, VC won’t customize a Windows 2008 guest… But it will customize a Windows Vista guest. Because they are a similar architecture (if not almost identical), changing the guest type to Vista, will allow you to customize a Windows 2008 guest.

All you have to do, is change the guest you wish to clone, or the template, to be configured as a Windows Vista guest.

You can then customize the guest (2008) the same way you would Windows Vista. When you are done deploying the guest, before you power it on, change it to be configured as a Windows 2008 guest.


Converteer je Windows 2008 template weer terug naar een VM en stel de VM daarna in op Microsoft Windows Vista als Guest Operation System Version.


Daarna converteer je de VM weer terug naar een templat. Vanaf nu kun je de Windows 2008 template ook customizen.

Screenshot - 5-8-2008 , 18_15_55


One thought on “VMware: Windows 2008 Guest Customization

  1. What is I want customize Windows 2008 EE X64. The procedure is the same????
    Please help,
    thanks in advance

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